Plebs, Pros and Personalities for Suicide Prevention Australia plebs, pros and personalities for suicide prevention australia

This year i have been lucky enough to help spread awareness on suicide prevention with PPP4SPA. I have been working with them closely on spreading awareness online and in the local community. I’ve met some amazing people and have had beyond inspiring and heartfelt conversations with people who have been touched in some way by suicide and depression. This cause is very close to my heart and those at entwined social media. With only 7 days to go we will be ramping things up online and in the community.

For more information on sponsors and whose involved click here: PPP4SPA


Plus Fitness Mona Vale

Plus Fitness mona vale is a franchise, first class gym on Sydney’s northern beaches. New to Mona Vale, Plus Fitness approached Entwined for Social Media training. Plus Fitness is 6 weeks into training on the ins and outs of instagram. Entwined is training Plus Fitness Mona Vale

key staff on how to optimise Instagram so they can reach the local community and beyond. Plus Fitness is focusing on training techniques as its key content for Instagram. We are looking forward to all the success Plus Fitness has from utilising key techniques taught by Entwined on Instagram to gain the most out of every post.


Intelligent Control Systems Social Media and Marketing

Intelligent Control Systems (ICS) is a small business based on the northern beaches of Sydney that specialises in home automations. ICS after decades of doing business thought it was time to enter the world of social media and build on there existing online presence.Intelligent Control Systems

Entwined worked along side ICS to create there facebook page that is in the early fazes of development as well as making a few changes to the website and lastly introducing email marketing.ICS has adapted well to the new world of online marketing gaining new clients and jobs in areas they never thought they would find. Further showing the advantages of a solid online campaign!

Intelligent Control Systems Media:


Darcy Lussick Builds Online Presence

Our small team worked closely with Darcy to teach him the ins and outs of facebook pages and how it can help build his online presence. We helped in the set up of Darcys facebook page and original content creation. Darcy now manages his page himself and interacts with followers on a day to day basis. Entwined helps Darcy with the technical side of facebook that is continuously changing and being updated, which in many cases makes it hard for users to keep with.

Darcy has now entered the world of LinkedIn where he continues to build is network and interact with like minded people.

Entwined continues to assist Darcy as he continues to build his online presence.

Darcy Lussick

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