Facebook Pages Update

Today Facebook began the roll out of the new look facebook pages. Im sure the new look and new functions will have some users in a spin but like any “upgrade” done by facebook it just takes time before the new functions are adapted as the norm. The changes to the page are as follows:

1. Timeline Design

  • Right hand side column of the pages timeline become the point where all posts made by the page will flow. Exactly as it would in the orignal one column design.
  • Left hand side column will now feature a static list that contains business information, maps, business hours, phone number, website, photos and videos posted by the page.

2. Admin Tool

  • This new design allows for the users to access all ads that are currently running and track new likes from any screen, as well as read messages and notifications.
  • Facebook has added a new navigation option to the top of the page, making it much easier for users to access there activity, insights and settings.
  • The build audience menu is now located at the top of screen giving all users direct access to the Ads Manager.

3. Pages to Watch

  • This new feature is found in the insights admin tool.
  • pages to watch allows for the user to create a list of similar pages to their own, whether it competitors or other company pages to compare performances.
  • The new “overview” tab will now feature ket stats about the pages that the page is watching.
  • The “posts” tab now includes features to view the past weeks most engaging posts of the pages you are now watching.

Im usually not the biggest fan of all of  facebooks changes but some of these change/ upgrades i really like. the fact that you can directly compare yourself to the competitor is a vital tool for business to wish to strive for perfection online. Having an insight into what the consumer wants wether it is seen through the competitors page or use its a very handy tool when executing your online strategy. Being able to track the competitor and see where they went right or wrong  will allow for you to one up them on your next post.

These changing will make the online marketing game a little more interesting.

NEW: Facebook Launches More Changes!

NEW: Facebook Launches More ChangesFacebook has just released its multi image carousal ads. These ads slide along a carousel showing three product images, then jump back to the start. This new feature allows for product descriptions and click target that means consumers have three chances in seeing your ad. This feature is a great way to show product groups and related items. If you are targeting the sale of bags then you have three chances of displaying an image the consumer will like. Same goes for related items like this handbag well these shoes are the perfect match!

When facebook did its test roll out of the new ad feature it claimed a 42% increase in click throughs and a between 42% and 45% drop in cost per acquisition (Facebook for Business).

Not only has facebook launched the multi ad carousel but they have also allowed for an updated  to the custom audience tool.  This will allow for you to target consumers who have not been to your page in a while or who have been to pages in certain groups, also providing a targeted product type function. Time should be put aside to make the changes to ads that allow for you to be very specific when targeting your consumer. Back to the bags you can target those who have previously bought form you but haven’t come back in a while but enticing them with a multi carousel ad of new bags.

Finally facebook has made some more changes to the page manager app on both IOS and Android. They have cleaned up the app making it easier to write posts, add photos and navigate around your page.

How well do you know your customers?

Im sure your all going to tell me that you know your customers like the back of your hand. You spend countless hours engaging in customer support and interacting with your consumers, so of course you know. Well how well do you know there online behaviours? Thats something most businesses cant answer. Have you sat down and gone through all your social media avenues to see exactly what posts are truly engaging the consumer? Have you compared all of you social media outlets against one another? have you gone deeper and analysed you competitors online behaviour? If the answer is no to all of these then you might be a good idea to keep readying.

For years companies and marketing agencies have been creating messages that bombard the consumer with messages, just churn out content and fingers crossed somewhere along the lines it will pay off.

It time to start creating online  marketing campaigns that are more efficient and effective! Stop waiting around and hoping that the last post you did will send sales through the roof and the phone ringing off the hook.

So where to start….

Its time to be more effective, and by more effective i mean cut through the noise and produce clear, precise, targeted, useful and shareable content that is delivered at the right time, in the right place to the consumer. This might sound simple and it is, but first you must completely look over the data you have already created, really analyse it to target where and what is the consumer has been engaging with. You might be spending all your time posting on facebook but when you look at it your consumers are more engaged with you on Instagram. A recent study found that consumers of top brands where 50x more likely to be engaged on instagram then on facebook. This is something to think about! Where are your consumers engaging with you the most!!

Once you have completely analysed your data and pin pointed where your consumer is most active, concentrate on this form of media for the next few months of your online campaign. The results will be extraordinary. You will not only have more time on your hands as you are only focusing on one target area you will also be getting more bang for your buck. Make the consumer feel like you know them and you are here for them and the only way to do that is to focus all your energy on them and what they are telling you through online interaction. Those posts that get 100s of likes and shares, compared to the ones that a 10s, there the ones you need to keep creating and pushing out there. Thats what the consumer wants!

Always remember to pay complete attention to your data. Your data is telling you a story, its giving you the answers you are looking for and in turn giving you the results you want.

Now go, get your data together and start analysing it, I’m positive you will learn something about the consumer you didn’t know before.